Solo music

Composition for Piano (1980)
One for flute (1997)
Between for clarinet (1997)
Flow for oboe (1997)
Annotations for piano (1999)
 - Premiere performance in 2000 by Carson P. Cooman, Rochester, NY
Brush for violin (1999)
Sketch for clarinet (1999)
Still for piano (1999-2000)
next for organ (2001)
 - Commissioned by Carson P. Cooman
 - Premiere performance 01/10/02 by Carson Cooman, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
circles for piano (2002)
never for alto flute (contour edition, 2006)
broken for clarinet (contour edition, 2006)
haiku for violin (contour edition, 2006)

Chamber music

Colors and Lines
for four instruments (1998)
Through for clarinet and guitar (1999)
String Trio (1999)
Both for accordion and piano (2000)
 - Premiere performance in 2000 by Timo Kinnunen and Seppo
Kantonen, Ikaalinen, Finland
Episode for 2 clarinets, cello, vibraphone and piano (2000)
Victimae Paschali for guitar (2000)
Motet I for clarinet, vibraphone and cello (2000)
next two for violin and guitar (2001)
 - Commissioned by Duo46
fragment(s) for string trio (2002)

Computer generated scores

clouds for violin, viola and guitar (2002)
pendulum for string quartet (2002)
closure for clarinet and viola (2002)
eXudes for cello solo (2003)
fading for flute solo (2003)
none for clarinet solo (2003)
dripping for four instruments (2004)
Listen (MP3, ~3.1 MB)
fold for three instruments (2004)
Listen (MP3, ~3.1 MB)

Controlled improvisation

Movements for 4-8 instruments, 2 dancers and 2 slide projectors (1982)
 - Premiere performance 1982, Helsinki, Finland
Hundred for any instruments (1984)
Meeting Point I for three instruments (1999)
Static-Dynamic ( Meeting Point II ) for 3-7 instruments (1999)
Tactic for any instruments (1999)
Duet for any two instruments (1999)
Pulses for clarinet, viola and percussions (2001)
Fixed Point for 3-8 instruments (2001)
Two Sounds for 5-8 instruments (2001)
blank for open ensemble(s) (contour edition, 2006)

Tape music


Stochastic Study for tape (1987)
 - Premiere performance 1987, Helsinki, Finland
Stochastic Canon for tape (1989)
 - Premiere performance 1989, Helsinki, Finland
Dance I for tape (1991)
 - Premiere performance 1991, Helsinki, Finland
(Choreography by Sanna Monto)
reflections I for computer-generated tape (2003) *MP3
reflections II for computer-generated tape (2003) *MP3
partial symmetries for computer-generated tape (2003) *MP3


Link shows only beginning of the work. Most examples are made by Lime Music Notation Software, automatically generated compositions are notated using ABC notation syntax with abcm2ps program and Guido notation language.



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